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It’s been a while since my last blog. With so many updates and improvements in the clinic as well as education (MS in Nutrition, Herbalist Guild professional member, research, etc) the last few years, it’s been a fun juggling act. I am now fully dedicated to keeping up with blogging and other informative contacts, especially now that my new website is done after a year in the making!

One topic I’m excited to share with everyone is Quantum Neurology, a technique developed by Dr. George Gonzales, a brilliant chiropractor and special human being. It involves balancing the major nerves in the body using movement and cold laser therapy. I heard of it several years ago, and was skeptic despite many testimonials that were almost miraculous. Vertigo, Bell’s Palsy, tremors, sports performance and others are some of the reported cases with dramatic results!

I finally decided to take his first level 3-day seminar in LA (he offers six seminars to become certified as a Quantum Neurologist), despite the fact I already use a number of cold lasers in my office. Now, 7 months and 3 seminars later, I can say that this is one of the top healing techniques I’ve ever seen in terms of results. Speech difficulties, vertigo, Bells Palsy and others are some of the cases I’ve been able to help, and I thank Dr. George for teaching such mind-blowing work. I look forward to the next 3 seminars and certification soon. Check out his website for more information at

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