Shaken not Stirred

Shaken not Stirred

Everyone knows that the "Shaken not Stirred" line is one of the archetype James Bond 007 lines much loved by everyone. On a personal note, I feel that the two latest James Bond movies with Daniel Craig have completely missed the point and have become "Hollywood Action Movies" and lack the laconic humour which typify a great Bond movie. But I digress!

The actor who played the original James Bond from Dr No and From Russia with Love onwards is of course, Sean Connery. Although a great Bond, Connery did suffer from hair loss from a very early age and it is alleged that he wore hair pieces in all of the Bond movies from the very beginning.

A few years later when Mr Connery was playing roles such as Indiana Jones'' father in the movie of the same name and earlier in a great movie called "The Name of the Rose" he no longer wore hair pieces and around that time was voted one of the world''s sexiest men.

We continually read on blogs that hair loss is perceived as being unattractive to women and men who suffer from hair loss and baldness lose confidence with the opposite sex and have trouble meeting women. If you take Sean Connery, Bruce Willis, John Malkovich they are perceived as being good looking and certainly attractive to the opposite sex.

We know these guys are movie stars, but the point is that when women look at men (and men look at women) they look at the overall offering and not just a person''s hair. If that person has most of the qualities they are looking for they will be happy.

Confidence is a major issue here, if you feel bad about yourself for whatever reason you will end up radiating this feeling to those around you and that is unattractive. On many of the forums, you hear guys asking "How can I feel confident inside when I''m not"

Building self confidence is for the psychologists, but there is an easier way, a shortcut if you like and that is ''Act as if''. What do we mean by that?.....Simple.

Just think of a person on TV, in movies, politics or simply someone you know who you would like to be and can also relate to. As an example lets consider Bruce Willis.

Watch a few movies where Bruce plays ''real characters'' and study his body language, his movements, stance but most important of all the way he speaks, phrases words, pauses in sentences, also when he speaks, how he speaks and watch when he decides not to speak and just to look (there is power in the pause).

And when you are in a situation where you don''t feel confident then simply think "How would Bruce Willis behave in this situation" and do the same. Act "as if" you were that person and you will end up reflecting some of their persona.

(Let''s be clear we are talking about voice, body language and phraseology here and not shooting people or otherwise being an all action hero. If you can''t get those thoughts out of your mind, choose a TV interviewer or a politician who know how to look good!)

At first ''Behaving as if'' will seem awkward....and you must never impersonate the person!!! Just take on their persona using your voice and body, after a while you will find a spot you are comfortable with which takes your good points and their good points and naturally merges them into a more confident you.

Try it, it might just be what you are looking for, to feel good about yourself and get through awkward situations and ultimately be more attractive to women.