Breakups and Divorce Affect Your Health But They Don't Have to Happen

Breakups and Divorce Affect Your Health But They Don't Have to Happen

A relationship breakup or divorce can play havoc with your physical and
emotional health. If you are going through emotional upheaval because of
relationship problems, you are a prime candidate for creating physical
challenges that can have serious implications for your health.

How do you prevent your relationship from breaking up or ending in divorce
and possible health problems that result from these life-changing situations?

To help you with the prevention, we'd like give you our top ways to save your
relationship from breaking up:

1. Learn how to communicate effectively with each other. For many couples,
communication is the biggest issue they face. One person may agree to do
something just to keep the peace and another person may be wanting to be
loved and appreciated in a certain way but are won't communicate that feeling.
Both people hold back their "truth" from one another and out of fear, it ends
up that they feel distant and separated.

To improve your communication, make sure that each of you listen and try to
understand each other. This is a skill that you'll must be willing to learn, but
most of us weren't taught how; it's central to learning how to communicate with
one another in a healthy way.

2. If you or your partner are jealous, deal with it and try to heal it before it's
too late.. Most couples avoid looking at and doing something about problems
like jealousy that exist in their relationship. If you don't tackle this issue when it
comes up, it will most likely fester and will come up later as a resentment and
other ways that can harm your relationship. Jealousy can be healed and eliminated.
You have to learn the skills that will help you do this and practice them until the
jealousy disappears.

3. Whether you need marriage advice or dating advice, it's important to
begin focusing on your relationship and not allowing it to be on auto-pilot. So
often couples put their relationship as the last priority in their lives. They wake up
one morning and find that what they thought would always be there, isn't there any
more. Begin focusing your attention on your relationship and its health and see
how it changes for the better.

4. Learn to understand, value and appreciate each other. If you do, you can
keep your romance alive and growing. Everyone wants to feel understood,
valued, loved and appreciated and when we're not, we tend to either withdraw
or attack the other person for not meeting our needs. If you want to be
appreciated, start appreciating the other people in your life, especially your
spouse or loved one. Sounds simplistic but it really works!

5. Trust is the foundation of any relationship. For many couples, fears from the
past or past relationships get in the way of having a trusting and connected
relationship. These might include the fear of not being good enough, attractive
enough, wealthy enough or even the issues of feeling abandoned.

If fears are not looked at and healed, they interfere with the health of every
relationship. Ask yourself if your fears are "true" or are you just making "stories"
up in your head. If you are creating those "stories" and there's no basis of truth
to them, then learn to change your thinking. It's not always easy to do and it
takes moment by moment monitoring of your thoughts. If you need help and
support to make the changes you want in your life, be courageous enough to
get it.

Trust is something that you have to foster within yourself before you
are able to trust another. Start with learning to trust you and see how your
relationship improves.

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